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Fire Doors:

Our fire doors are constructed using a unique lag bolt assembly. Long steel lags are bored and installed through the door edges to secure the stiles and rails. These bolts are far stronger than wood dowels used by most manufacturers and guard against joint separation caused by changes in temperature and humidity. Matching hardwood plugs are then installed and sanded flush with the door edge. We are so confident that you will never have a problem with our interior lag bolt doors that we include a limited lifetime warranty.

Wood selections for our fire doors include alder, ash, birch, cherry, fir, hickory, knotty alder, knotty cedar,  knotty pine, pine, poplar, mahogany, maple, primed mdf, quartersawn oak, red oak, white oak,  and walnut. Our fire doors are available with raised panels, flat panels to match the rest of your interior doors. Exterior jambs are also available to ensure an air tight fit between your house and garage.


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